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Daily Fee Golf Course Maintenance


Keeping costs under control and quality high is a constant balance. But what if you didn’t have to choose? Clubs we work with have seen improved, more consistent course conditions and increased player satisfaction while enjoying annual savings of 10 to 15 percent. In fact, many have increased greens fees because their course conditions are creating demand. What’s our secret? A team of golf course maintenance experts who bring operating strategies, technology and knowledge that give you the competitive advantage.

Flexible Pricing

We fully realize that change happens and, thus, you’re never “locked in” at a spending level. As your maintenance partner, we can recommend innovative solutions for managing maintenance costs that won’t negatively impact the play experience. In fact, the agreement we create with you provides annual maintenance pricing as a derivative of the annual maintenance plan. For whatever reason, if the plan changes so can the price. But in every case, our price covers all actions needed for the regular and periodic activities for the course based on the agreed-upon standards and specifications.

We never exceed mutually agreed-upon budgets and we believe a stream of added fees for additional work requests is counter-productive to a strong partnership. In fact, on average, last year extra work accounted for an amount equal to less than 1 percent of our contract maintenance revenue and three-fourths of our clients had no extra work charges at all. The majority of that work consisted of upgrades and renovations to enhance the course.

True Control

When we partner with you, you set the standard for your course. We make it happen. We act as your operating partner and advisor, but the final choice is always yours. Understanding your expectations upfront is a critical first step. Then, we work with you to create technical specifications that define the agronomic and grooming standards and practices to achieve the course conditions you expect.

In addition to ensuring accountability while providing flexibility, our role is to be your expert counselor. We have the expertise to help you identify and assess options for your course and to understand the potential implications of choices. But again, the choice is always yours.

Exiting Your Contract

Our goal in every partnership is to make it last by providing exceptional course conditions, using resources efficiently and being a trusted partner. However, we understand that you have a duty to your facility to ensure that it can always move in the direction that you deem best, both now and in the future.

Therefore, we construct our relationships and agreements so that you are never “trapped” in partnering with us. You’re free to terminate our agreement without cause, penalty-free. Typically, we work under a five-year contract term, with a 60-day termination without cause provision. In the event we part ways, you will be free to hire the employees working on your golf course. You keep all the needed records related to course maintenance, and we make it easy to transition inventories of equipment, tools, materials and supplies back to you.

Of course, we hope that this will not be the case, but you can relax in knowing that your club always has control of its future.

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