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HOA Community Golf Course Maintenance


The golf course is an important recreational amenity and source of pride for HOA community residents. Those who frequent “their course” carry high expectations for conditions, and rightly so. But high quality usually comes at a high cost, right? Not with BrightView. We offer streamlined and transparent operations paired with the most advanced technology and agronomic expertise available — a combination that keeps quality high and your residents happy at a savings of 10–15 percent.

Transparent Operations

When we partner with you, you set the standard for your course. We make it happen. We act as your operating partner and advisor, but the final choice is always yours.

Understanding your expectations upfront is a critical first step. Then, we produce detailed annual agronomic and management plans that guide maintenance activities designed to achieve the course conditions you and your residents expect. The plans give you a clear picture of daily, weekly and periodic activities that will occur at your course throughout the year. This type of planning also allows us to give you and your residents plenty of notice when an agronomic event is to take place and make scheduling adjustments when needed to accommodate special events or other conflict.

Cost and Quality

Maintaining excellent course conditions at an affordable cost is our specialty. BrightView has partnered with HOA golf courses across the country to bring costs down by 10-15 percent while improving play conditions and earning praises from even the most vocal residents.

We bring advanced technology and management strategies to your course, which allows us to streamline operations, stay ahead of and respond quickly to turf issues while ensuring the important details get the attention they require. We believe establishing long-term relationships pay off for both parties and do our part to ensure the HOAs we work for can manage their bottom line while providing quality course conditions to their residents.

Proactive Communication

As your maintenance partner, we ensure effective, timely communication. Our management team works hands-on with you, visiting your club and communicating with you and your Board of Directors regularly to ensure we are delivering on our promise. You have direct access to our management team, from the Superintendent to the President, to share your feedback or to make requests.

Our reporting can be customized to your needs and timing preferences — whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. We also provide you with an annual “End of Season Review Report” identifying the past year’s successes and challenges as well as providing ideas for improved practices for the year to come.

Day-to-day communication and operations won’t feel any different than a traditional in-house operation. The on-site team is empowered to be in charge on site, ready to make things happen quickly and informally, so you won’t need to go to anyone else in our organization to make adjustments for a double shotgun start or to have a low-hanging limb on the sixth hole removed.

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