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Municipality Golf Course Maintenance


We help municipalities bring a great golfing experience to their communities. For cities and counties, streamlined operations can allow for improved course conditions, better coordination with your Men’s and Women’s Clubs, and a safer work/play environment — often at a savings of 10–20 percent. Partnering with BrightView is a smart decision that keeps you in control of your greens fees and keeps your course playing great year-round.

Reporting on Performance

Managing golf course maintenance has never been easier. As your maintenance partner, we ensure effective, timely communication with all the relevant people at the city and in the clubhouse. Our management team works hands-on, visiting your course and communicating with your leadership regularly to ensure we are delivering on our promise.

Our reporting can be customized to your needs, timing preferences and systems you may already have in place. We also provide you with an annual “End of Season Review Report” identifying the past year’s successes and challenges as well as providing ideas for improved practices for the year to come.

Day-to-day, you can expect the level of responsiveness and flexibility you are accustomed to today. The on-site team is empowered to make decisions, ready to make things happen quickly and informally, so you won’t need to go to anyone else in our organization to make adjustments for a double shotgun start or to have a low-hanging limb on the sixth hole removed.

Protecting Accessibility

You set your greens fees and we keep your golf course looking great and your budget predictable. Municipal courses are treasured amenities in their communities. Places where a diverse golf-loving public can enjoy a good game with their friends and loved ones. Places where groups like Men’s and Women’s Clubs and First Tee Chapters establish roots and where the casual player can practice his swing. Anyone is welcome and there should be a great course just waiting to greet them.

BrightView has partnered with municipalities across the country to ensure the game can remain accessible to the general public. We help find innovative solutions for bringing costs down while keeping conditions high. If access to the capital is preventing your course from getting the equipment needed to do the job right, BrightView can be used as a financial tool to make it happen. We believe establishing long-term relationships pays off for both parties and do our part to ensure the cities we work for can manage their bottom line while providing quality course conditions to their players.

Bolstering the Crew

We value legacy knowledge and relationships. For that reason, all current qualified city employees always get the first opportunity at positions when BrightView transitions onto your course. Our employee benefits are competitive, and we offer ongoing training opportunities so the superintendent and crew can continue to grow professionally. We are not about coercing the team to work harder. We have a system that allows them to work smarter and they love the net result — better quality, increased efficiency and safer working conditions — because they take pride in what they do.

Employee satisfaction is a top priority at BrightView. In fact, we survey our employees regularly to get feedback on their job satisfaction and use the results to inform operational improvements. Across the board, our employees enjoy their work, believe BrightView is committed to workplace safety and feel they are treated with respect. They are proud of their work quality and believe they are provided the tools they need to perform their job well.

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