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Private Club Golf Course Maintenance


In today’s market,  competitive service offerings for new and existing members is more important than ever. So take a page from top clubs across the country who are reaping the benefits from partnering with the leader in golf course maintenance — BrightView. These clubs are boasting excellent course conditions and growing their ranks of members while saving on operating expenses. With their savings, the clubs are investing in course and club improvements, moves that, along with consistent, high-quality conditions, will continue to retain and draw members for years to come.

True Control

When we partner with you, you set the standard for your course. We make it happen. We act as your operating partner and advisor, but the final choice is always yours. Understanding your expectations upfront is a critical first step. Then, we work with you to create technical specifications that define the agronomic and grooming standards and practices to achieve the course conditions you expect.

We understand that aesthetic preference and club tradition help form your vision for your golf course. Our team focuses on “seeing the course through your eyes” by frequently being on the course with club leaders to make sure that we are delivering exactly what you want.

In addition to bringing your vision to life, our role is to be your expert counselor. We have the expertise to help you identify and assess options for your course and to understand the potential implications of choices. But again, the choice is always yours.

Your Team

We value legacy knowledge and relationships. For that reason, all current qualified employees always get the first opportunity at positions when we transition onto your course. Our employee benefits are competitive and we offer ongoing training opportunities so the superintendent and crew can continue to grow professionally. We are not about coercing the team to work harder. We have a system that allows them to work smarter and they love the net result — better quality, increased efficiency and safer working conditions — because they take pride in what they do.


Proactive and responsive communication, in the style that best fits your club. As your maintenance partner, we ensure effective, timely communication with all the relevant people at your club. Our management team works hands-on, visiting your club and communicating with your leadership regularly to ensure we are delivering on our promise.

Our reporting can be customized to your needs and timing preferences — whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. We also provide you with an annual “End of Season Review Report” identifying the past year’s successes and challenges as well as providing ideas for improved practices for the year to come.

Day-to-day communication and operations won’t feel any different than a traditional in-house operation. The on-site team is empowered to be in charge on site, ready to make things happen quickly and informally, so you won’t need to go to anyone else in our organization to make adjustments for a double shotgun start or to have a low-hanging limb on the sixth hole removed.

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