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Resort Golf Course Maintenance


Your golf course should be an amenity that attracts guests and keeps them coming back. With BrightView, you can get the wow factor you’re looking for and golf course maintenance that’s results-oriented and affordable . You set the standard, we make it happen. We stay true to your brand, creating excellent conditions that make for a memorable play experience. You can count on us for guidance to prioritize resources in high-impact areas and based on seasonal demands. And, we take the risk, administrative and benefits burden off your hands. Finally — golf course maintenance designed for the guest experience and your business.

Quality Assurance

Creating a high-quality course takes more than knowing how to keep your course looking great. It’s about knowing what improvements and details drive revenue and how to adjust course maintenance operations to accommodate seasonal demand.

When you partner with BrightView, you get the industry’s top experts actively involved with your course, making recommendations and fine-tuning operations to ensure you meet your revenue goals. Our experts work hands-on, visiting your club and communicating with your leadership and the on-site team regularly and proactively to make sure we are delivering on our promise.

The result, as seen by the clubs with which we’ve worked, is improved and consistent course conditions, increased player satisfaction, more predictable budgets, and cost containment that often results in annual savings of 10 to 15 percent.

Business Benefits

Managing golf course maintenance has never been easier. We help resorts streamline operations, reduce risk and ease their administrative burden.

With BrightView, you can expect every detail related to golf course maintenance will be covered. From agronomic planning and crew management to purchasing and maintaining equipment and researching and testing turf products, we bring the most advanced techniques and tools to the courses we maintain.

When you entrust golf course maintenance to the industry leader, BrightView, you also benefit from our large-scale purchasing abilities, extensive network of resources, capacity to take on risk and liability and dedicated staff who handle all back-office responsibilities — giving you time to focus on your core business and allowing your superintendent to spend more time on the course.

Fluid Pricing

BrightView is able to adjust operations — and related expenses — based on seasonal demand. This allows our resort clients to plan for golf course operating expenses based on revenue expectations season by season.

We fully realize that change happens and, thus, you’re never “locked in” at a spending level. As your partner, we work closely with you to manage your maintenance costs using innovative solutions that don’t negatively impact the play experience. The agreement we create with you provides annual maintenance pricing as a derivative of the annual maintenance plan. If the plan changes, so can the price. This flexibility gives you complete control of your bottom line.

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