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How It Works

The Game Changer

Golf clubs and course owners across the country are rethinking how they operate by exploring partnerships with golf course maintenance companies — and finding great success. It’s no longer about being a jack-of-all-trades in the golf course maintenance world. It’s about finding and recruiting subject-matter experts and bringing on top talent, thought leaders and true innovators if you want to ensure your course and greens are consistently in top condition. When it comes to golf course maintenance, the experts at ValleyCrest are leading the way in: science-based agronomic leadership, golf course operational excellence, superintendent support and crew management, and equipment sourcing and maintenance.

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Working Together

A partnership that gives you true control of your golf course maintenance.

Golf Course Cost and Accountability

golf-course-cost-and-accountabilityOur annual fee is mutually determined and tied to clearly defined conditioning standards. So your club can accurately project your golf course maintenance costs and expenses year after year while knowing your course will look and play as you expect. ValleyCrest determines annual golf course maintenance costs based on the scope, maintenance standards and subsequently, the labor and material required to make it happen. We invest significant time upfront to ensure we thoroughly understand member and management expectations as well as conduct a scientific analysis of the existing course conditions. From this we develop an annual operations plan that accounts for every detail — from the work that needs to be done to the crew required to do it and the materials and resources to operate effectively. We guarantee accountability to your standards right down to the green speed. In fact, our management team will visit your course regularly to check on conditions and find ways we can continue to improve the product we provide. In addition, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys using a third party vendor, giving our management an accurate and unfiltered perspective on our performance.

Scientific Agronomic Leadership

scientific-agronomic-leadershipOur scientific approach to golf course maintenance is two-fold – 1) we invest in research and development of the latest golf course maintenance technology and products to stay at the forefront of the industry, and 2) we have PhD agronomists on our staff who work hand-in-hand with superintendents to help troubleshoot problems as they arise, plan data-driven agronomic programs and provide input and guidance for larger capital improvement projects.

Our investment in golf course agronomy gives you access to the latest research and technology as well as the type of tools and treatments that few courses can afford in-house. The result is sophisticated planning, proactive execution, earlier detection of issues and faster, more effective solutions.

Research and Development

New science-based treatments are developed every year to better combat new and existing golf course maintenance problems better. Our internal agronomists, Dr. Trey and Dr. Todd, regularly attend University Field Days and many annual scientific meetings including the American Society of Agronomy. This gives them access to a network of resources for sources and testing when new products come to the market.

In addition, our PhD golf course agronomists also work with manufacturers to help test their new products. Our customers benefit because it allows us to implement new, quality-tested technologies as soon as they are released.

As new golf course agronomy equipment and technology is developed, we source and test it, or take the lead in developing it. Some in development and testing now utilize computer-operated/assisted technology for tasks that are highly repetitive or require more accuracy and precision than a human could ever accomplish.

  • Online growing degree days tracking – With Michigan State University, we are developing an automated online database that will track and store site-specific growing degree days  — a ground-breaking tool that will enable our superintendents to create the most accurate and effective agronomic plans possible.
  • GPS controlled spray rig – We’re testing the functionality and potential cost savings of a spray rig that uses GPS technology to eliminate overlap and missed areas when spraying fertilizers or fungicides. A more precise application will allow for healthier, more efficiently delivered uniform turf.
  • Robotic mowers – To improve effectiveness and cost-efficiency, we’re testing Robotic mowers that can get more done before play starts driving themselves using GPS.
  • Remote sensing technology – In partnership with Michigan State, we’re studying remote multispectral sensing technology to better map soil moisture and plant health, to identify turf stress before the human eye detects it.

Golf Course Operational Excellence

Golf Course Operational ExcellenceOur management experts have developed a unique-to-golf labor management strategy – VC360. We recognized that superintendents are taught agronomy in school, but not necessarily management best practices. VC360 utilizes a combination of specialty experts and proprietary work plans to ensure your golf course operations are efficient and every task, year-round, gets the required attention when you want it. There are never scheduling fiascos that impact play or projects left unfinished.

VC360 is proven to increase efficiency of golf courses operations by 20% or more, while improving the consistency and quality of course conditions. It’s not another “proprietary system.” VC360 is a custom solution for each course based on an operational philosophy focused on quality, efficiency, safety and continuous improvement. It’s the future of golf course maintenance.

Golf Course Superintendent Support

Golf-Course-Superintendent-SupportA golf course superintendent is your daily eyes and ears on your course – looking out for every detail that makes your course a special and memorable experience. That’s why our operation is designed to ensure that each golf course superintendent has access to the latest tools, technology and resources to enable him to meet the many demands of your course.

Under our maintenance program your golf course superintendent becomes a member of the ValleyCrest management team, but remains as a member of your senior team staff. The superintendent will continue to report to the club, except supported by ValleyCrest's experience, team members and the latest tools and scientific expertise.

Our goal is to deliver 125 percent of what an individual golf course superintendent might be able to accomplish on his own. As a ValleyCrest team leader, he'll get one-on-one support from:

  • PhD agronomists who troubleshoot issues, create annual, site-specific agronomic plans based on real-time, on-site data and provide a toolkit of leading-edge diagnostic tools.
  • Management and operations experts who ensure the day-to-day and larger annual work is completed efficiently and safely without sacrificing the quality of the course or play experience.
  • Administrative personnel, systems and technology that help minimize paperwork and maximize the time that he can spend on the course with crew.
  • Plus, ongoing training through monthly GCSAA educational webcasts led by our Director of Agronomy, Annual GCSAA Meetings and a ValleyCrest–hosted Annual Meeting.

Golf Course Crew Management

Golf-Course-Crew-ManagementYour crew also transitions to become members of the ValleyCrest course management team, but still remains an integral part of your club. We work to ensure that our partnership supports the relationship you've formed with them. All positions that result as part of our work will be offered first to qualified staff. And, as we work together with you to explore system improvements, we do so keeping in mind the best interests of the club.

We also work with the crew to help them develop professionally while furthering your goals for your course. In the first 60 days of your partnership with ValleyCrest, our management team will conduct training workshops with your crews on technical skills, golf course etiquette and workplace and equipment safety — all with the goal of maximizing productivity and increasing quality standards. Over the next 90 days, we'll help your crew master our operating programs and how they can be put to work to help your club gain a competitive advantage.

Back Office Management

Back-office-managementIn addition to access to ValleyCrest's team of specialists in safety, golf course agronomy, arboriculture and pesticide usage, you also get expert support in the areas of payroll, benefit administration, purchasing and telecommunications. The result? Streamlined operations, greater efficiency and cost savings — all while allowing the golf course superintendent to spend less time on paperwork and more time on the course.

Golf Course Equipment and Materials

Golf course equipment and materials

Your needs dictate our approach to golf course equipment sourcing. With some partners, we provide the golf course maintenance equipment needed to get the work done as outlined in the agreement. With others, the club provides the equipment. We also offer the option of a five-year plan for providing and/or replacing equipment. This option utilizes ValleyCrest as a financial instrument as the equipment purchaser and allows the equipment financing cost to be included in the price of our maintenance service. After five years, the golf course maintenance equipment becomes the property of the club. ValleyCrest will provide all fuel, oil and lubricants necessary to operate and maintain the equipment. If the course owner has elected to retain ownership of the equipment, we will maintain the equipment to the manufacturer’s standards over the term of the contract.

ValleyCrest also provides all materials needed to maintain the course — and because of our large-scale purchasing, we pass the savings on to you.

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