Date: 20 Mar 2014
Cat: Private Clubs
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Premium Club Seeks Premium Golf Course Maintenance

The Village Club of Sands Point

Sands Point, NY

BrightView achieved what they said they would — our fairways came back. They have a very good feel for the aesthetics of our golf course and have made significant improvements that have been beneficial in helping bring in new members. Last year, before BrightView came on board, we were getting lots of complaints from our members. This spring we’re seeing a significant pickup in new members.

David Deutsch - Chair, The Village Club of Sands Point

Golf Course Experts, Premiere Results

The Village Club of Sands Point, Long Island is one of the premier clubs in the New York area. With a Guggenheim mansion on its grounds and a golf course artfully re-designed and modernized in 2008 by architect Tom Doak, this full-service club has a reputation and high standards to uphold.

Likewise, the standards of the members — both current and prospective — are equally high and, hence, club management sought to find the best golf course and grounds maintenance at a good value. After a comprehensive search, they contracted with BrightView.

Knowing the competitive landscape in which the Village Club operates, BrightView knew that they could provide the Village Club with the expertise they needed at a substantial savings. BrightView experts got to work right away with an improved agronomic and operating plan for the golf course and a long-range plan for maintenance of the historic garden and grounds.

Within the first year, BrightView was able to dramatically improve conditions on the golf course and the grounds at 90 percent of Village Club’s prior maintenance budget. Not only has the club enjoyed the financial latitude that’s resulted, they’re also thrilled with how the newly improved grounds are drawing new members.

The Village Club of Sands Point is only one of many golf maintenance success stories.  Find out how our expertise can benefit your golf course. Contact BrightView today!

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