Date: 08 Aug 2016
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Quality & Experience Make a Difference with Tree Relocation & Preservation

CordeValle Golf Club

San Martin, California

Westridge TPC

Santa Clarita, California

Selecting existing trees on the property for the Cordevalle project, helped to enhance the native features of the course giving players the feel of being on a native terrain course.

Scott Soper -

Experienced Tree Relocation Experts

Trees play an important role in taking the ordinary to extraordinary, which is why you look to the best when handling unique situations encountered on a golf course. BrightView Tree Company’s Specimen Relocation and Preservation division specializes in relocating, supplying and installing unique, mature specimen trees. With over 60 years’ experience, we harness our knowledge to provide an unparalleled service to those golf industry clients who are planning to enhance or renovate their courses.

We understand the specific needs of golf course superintendents which is why BrightView Tree Company team provides site specific solutions and first-class service. At BrightView Tree Company we take care to appropriately assess each individual project for the best results possible. All trees are hand boxed to ensure the highest survival rates and integrity of transplanted trees. Our I.S.A. Certified Arborists help to guide the process, making recommendations on a project by project basis.

The pride we take in our work can be seen in the professionalism we exhibit in everyday activities. Below are just a couple case studies showcasing why tree preservation and relocation would be a great option for many golf courses.

  • Hole redesign and enhancement
  • Preservation of unique one-of-a-kind aged specimens
  • Enhance new landscapes to give the look and feel of maturity

CordeValle Golf Club

Project Location: San Martin, California
Challenge: Preserve and directly relocate eighty Quercus agrifolia ranging from 60” to 180” boxes to new planting sites on the course.
Result: Relocated on severe slopes of the adjacent foothills to gain establishment for the golf course. BrightView Tree Company was proudly awarded The Award of Distinction from the National Arborist Association for this project, one of the NAA’s highest awards.

Westridge TPC

Project Location: Santa Clarita, California
Challenge: Box, store, maintain and replant a variety of trees for the new golf course.
Result: There were over 170 trees representing 6 species that were boxed and then replanted into the new course landscape. The client opted to save these native trees and incorporate the mature specimens back into the new golf course design.

These California country clubs are only a few of many golf maintenance success stories.  Find out how our expertise can benefit your golf course. Contact BrightViewtoday!

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