2016 Year in Review: Big Changes, Notable Awards & Bright Future Ahead

2016 Year in Review: Big Changes, Notable Awards & Bright Future Ahead

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Looking back, this past year was one of change, not only for the world at large, but also for our clients and our company. In 2016, we became BrightView Golf Course Maintenance, a result of the merger between ValleyCrest Landscape Companies and the Brickman Group, the two leading landscape services companies in the world.

“While we remain the golf course maintenance specialists we’ve always been, it’s exciting to see the power of this partnership unfold” said Greg Pieschala, President of BrightView Golf Maintenance. “Energized by our new brand and backed by a $2.2 billion company with a proven track record in agronomy, safety and buying power, we continue to expand our market presence and deliver nationally-backed solutions at the local level, from coast to coast.”


Serving More than 80 Courses with Innovative Solutions

As of year-end, our client portfolio included more than 80 private, resort, daily fee and municipal golf courses. This diversity comes as no surprise. With our extensive resources and ability to help clients improve the value of their property and offerings—on and off the course—our experts can address a range of challenges and provide an equally broad array of targeted solutions.


Restoring the Historic, Creating a Greener Future

For example, in 2016 we partnered with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, helping them renovate their historic Gold golf course with the goal of regaining its status as a top 100 course. The investment in infrastructure is large and calls upon many facets of our team’s expertise. With the grand re-opening scheduled for 2017, we’re working to properly grow in the golf course while exceeding expectations.

In addition to helping clients rehabilitate and refresh golf courses that may have suffered during the downturn, we’ve also helped clients move into the future with greater environmental sustainability.

This past year our team extended their expertise beyond the award-winning course at the Squaw Creek Resort and worked with the BrightView Design Group to plan and develop a rooftop hydroponic garden. Called [“Rooftop Roots,”] this water-wise garden, located on previously unused space, has improved the resort’s esthetics and now provides this 405-room resort with sustainably grown microgreens for Squaw Creek’s four restaurants.

In addition to garnering press for their efforts, the resort has been recognized by the local government and community as a leader in sustainability.


Likewise, many of our clients have been awarded for their excellence and environmental awareness. In 2016, Osprey Point, a client since 2010 was named one of the world’s best eco-friendly golf resorts by World Golf. The Peninsula Golf & Country Club in Delaware and the Omni Amelia courses in Florida, clients since 2011 and 2007 respectively, were re-certified by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) for Golf, an honor that points to these courses’ continued dedication to sustainable practices.


Smarter Irrigation and Increased Water Savings Move to the Forefront

During 2016, our teams also worked to help our clients preserve resources and save costs with newer technologies including moisture meters for use in greens irrigation. This technology, extensively pilot tested by our experts before widespread implementation, has helped our clients improve cost efficiency and decrease water use while achieving better course conditions.


New Technologies, Greater Efficiencies Ahead

Looking ahead to 2017, our BrightView teams will be unveiling new automated timekeeping and payment technologies to help clients increase efficiency and convenience for crew and staff. At the same time, we’ll be forging ahead as we continue to unleash the power of BrightView.

The economy may be on the rebound but we, as well as you, know that it continues to be highly competitive within the golf industry. “As we move into the new year, we remain committed to giving clients the leading edge with specialized services and a true partnership that puts our clients’ interests first” says Greg Pieschala.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Let’s all resolve to play more golf in 2017.

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